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Here at The Passion Project, we’re committed to supporting each individual's passions. We bring K-12 students from all around the globe together to share their passions!

We believe that when we come together to share what we love doing, we inspire others to follow their dreams, make connections, and have fun while doing so! Our main goal is to educate others in a fun and engaging way in order to help cultivate lifelong passions of young innovators. We strive to unlock doors to new opportunities, because we believe in trying something new every day. Our passionate high school volunteers are able to give back to the community, and they are able to bring to you what they love doing at the same time.

We are here to encourage, inspire, and educate our K-8 learners!

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Director of Operations

Alyssa is a founder of The Passion Project. She is very passionate about Taekwondo and loves teaching younger students new skills. She also enjoys biking, running, and baking. In her free time, she practices calligraphy and painting.



Director of Operations (Web) and Communications

Anika is a co-founder of The Passion Project. She loves working with people of all ages and is passionate about giving back to her community. She also plays waterpolo and swims for her school, and in her free time, she enjoys playing her ukulele and spending time with friends.

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