Please scroll through the upcoming activities below! We have a large selection of activities hosted by high schoolers who are excited to share their passions for sports, the arts, academics, and more. All of our classes are held live online via Zoom. Please review our code of conduct and privacy policy before registering.

Our classes are meant to build upon each other so kids who are interested can attend week after week, but we also welcome newcomers at any time!

For more information about a class, and to register, please select "Join". If you would like to request a specific time for a specific class, we can see if this would be possible - just reach out to us! At this time there is no charge to participate in our online activities!

Please check back often, as we will post upcoming activity schedules weekly.


Please register for the following classes during the week of 9/21/20.

Fun with Digital Art!
Grades 4-8
Lessons in Logic: Audio Instrument
Grades 7-8
Intro to First Aid
Grades 6-8
Singing with Diana
Grades K-2
Intro to Coding With Python
Grades 5-8
Grades 5-8
Intro to Spanish!
Grades 1-4
Intro to Music!
Grades 2-3
Let's Sing!
Grades 3-6
Brain Games!
Grades 6-8
Exploring World Cultures
Grades K-8
Hip Hop Dance!
Grades 4-7
Human Anatomy
Grades 6-8
Introduction to Java!
Grades 6-8
Sticker Making
Grades K-6