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Trip in the Snow Globe

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

by Neil K

grades K-2

I had just packed a bag to go on a skiing trip in the snowy Rocky Mountains this winter. While chatting with my friend Rick on the plane, he showed me his precious snow globe that his dad got him. Rick’s older brother Nick was animatedly describing all the Arctic animals in the snow globe when I noticed a black spot on it. I pressed my nose against it to see more details when I found myself diving into the snow globe. With my head whirling and heart pounding I fell face first into snow.

A snow storm was beginning when I saw the polar bear and I knew what the black dot was - the polar bear’s nose. I panicked but couldn’t stop myself sliding down the snowy mountains. I fell into the icy cold water of a frozen lake. Dripping wet, I tried to stand up. Emperor penguin stared at me while I tried to regain my balance and slipped again into the water. A smooth cushion rubbed against my arm and to my surprise it was a blubbery seal. Exhausted, I tried to climb up the snowy mountain looking for Rick. Snow tiger growled; it’s piercing blue eyes looked hungry to make me a meal. Just then the snowy owl lifted me up into the air delighting me with the amazing rescue to safety. To my relief I saw a few footprints and was certain that Rick was around the corner. But I came face to face with an Arctic fox near a snowman. It purred loudly in a screeching voice. The brewing storm got stronger and blew me onto something hard. To my surprise I got up and saw the sleigh that I landed on. Behind, were a few reindeer, a big pile of gifts and a familiar red and white hat. I saw several footprints of various sizes and hid behind the Christmas tree to see which animal would appear next.

I could hear Christmas carols and jingles in the background. All of the Arctic animals were

sitting in circle time and “talking” about global warming , snow caps melting and trees being cut in their habitat . It looked like they were complaining to someone wearing a red and white hat. I could only see his back. It seemed like he was giving them ideas as to how to save the earth.

“Let’s send a message this year with each Christmas gift. “

“What kind of messages?” asked the animals.

“Turn off the water when not in use!” said the man with the hat. I tried to peek from behind the tree.

“Who is that man?”

“Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!“ I heard a voice and thought it was Rick's grandpa.

A big man leapt out and it was none other than Santa! He picked up a gift and gave it to me. I was shocked to accept the gift . He laid it in my arms and started flying away on his sleigh full of gifts drawn by his reindeer. I blinked and opened my eyes.

Phew! It was just a dream or was it? ... I had my Christmas gift in my hand. Nick and Rick were smiling down at me. They winked and asked,”Did you get the message?” I couldn’t believe my eyes. I unwrapped the gift which was a lego set and a paper fell out. It said “ Reduce - Reuse - Recycle”.

What a wonderful adventure I had! I decided that from now on I am going to send short

environmental messages while gifting my family and friends.

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