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My Best Winter Ever

by Aditya J

grades K-2

Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to share my winter experience. Here it goes. When I came to United States, I was just two years old. As I grew, I always wanted to witness snowfall and make a snowman. All my friends at Bent Tree elementary were a fan of Oolaf and so was I. I waited for two years while in Texas, but it did not snow and if it did, was not enough ☹. In the year 2018 we moved to Yorktown, Virginia, and guess what it snowed on February 20th, 2019. I was almost thrilled after knowing the weather forecast that it is going to snow, but the sad part was that it was going to snow in the night. we had our dinner and my mom and dad gave me a good night kiss and went to bed but as per my plan I stayed up staring at window. I was reading books (by MO Willems) to stay awake. And finally, it started to snow. The lamppost was looking like a showerhead and snow was coming out of it instead of water. I started

jumping and shouting “it’s snowing!” I was ready with all my stuffs as per the plan which I did not tell anyone before. Mom and Dad both woke up and When I told them that I want to go out and make a snowman, she was like “what!!” she just said Noo… go to bed as it was very late and freezing. My last hope was my Dad. I told him how much I waited for this day and have never seen a snowfall. He was like Umm … okay. We can give it a go but not too long. I was thrilled with joy and my eyes were beaming with happiness and it seemed I was the happiest kid in entire Yorktown. I got dressed and packed my bag with shovel, carrot, sticks, cherries, and the black hat made from paper (which I made during the day and made the cutout ready). As I went out, it was snowing, and I cannot explain how beautiful it

looked. The entire ground was covered in white snow and looked as if it was covered with white blanket. It was not snowing heavily but was enough to make a snowman. I was on my mission. I started collecting snow to give it a shape of Oolaf. I was enjoying the whole time while making it. I was running all over the ground. I used to watch YouTube videos, how to make snowman, so that came in handy. My Dad helped me too. We also had snowball fight. When my Mom saw us having fun, guess what she also joined us in snowball fight, and I can tell you for sure she enjoyed it a lot. We clicked some pictures as memory for my first snowfall. I made snow angel by lying down on snow as I want to enjoy every moment of it. That winter was my best winter ever. I have also included some pictures. I did not want to go home that night but I was almost wet and my Mom was like now you should go in, you have school next day., so ☹ I had to go change my dress and go to bed with sweet memories. Next morning, I showed my snowman and snow angel to all my friends at my bus stop. They said they wish they were with me. I wish it snows this year too.

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