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by Ellie C

grades 3-5

My name is Melsie and I believe in magic even though my parents say it’s all fake. I like to go to the beach and collect seashells. Today, I found a starfish that had washed onto the shore. I thought it would look beautiful on our holiday tree, but it was alive and special, so I studied and admired it, and then put it back in the water. Then something very strange happened. The starfish started changing colors. It was rainbow. I heard a dog bark, turned my head, but when I looked back, the starfish was gone! In its place was a magnificent rainbow streak. I knew I had to go after it, but how?

I saw a rainbow above a mountain range and decided to climb it to find the starfish. I ran home, packed supplies, and headed for the mountain. I started walking uphill. It was hot and humid, which was unusual for December. Ahead, I saw a fork in the road. I wasn’t sure which path would take me across the ocean, but I knew I needed to be brave. It was getting dark, so I chose a path anyway. I heard a strange voice: “You will find it. Go East. If you help someone they will help you.” It was a little spooky but I went East.

I kept walking until I needed a rest. I lay in my warm and cozy sleeping bag. As soon as my eyes closed, I felt something walking on me. I was scared, so I slowly peeked out. I was relieved to find it was a cute puppy. I picked him up and said “I’m going to call you Honey.” Honey licked my cheek and we fell asleep.

The next morning, Honey ran ahead of me on a small path which ended in a big field. In the middle of the field was a plain white horse. I thought the horse might give me a ride, so I climbed on him, and he let me. He started to gallop fast.

Suddenly, I realized I had fallen asleep and we were underwater, surrounded by soft, glowing seaweed. We were riding on the ocean floor with Honey in my lap. We went through a cave to a grassy area. I looked down and saw a heart-shaped pink jewel, exactly the same shape and size as my locket. I carefully placed it in my locket, and different colored spots appeared on the horse.

“What happened? I said confused.

“Don’t be scared, I’m a magical horse. My name is Spots.”

I wasn’t scared.

“Can you help me get home?” He asked.

Remembering the spooky voice in the mountain, I said “Okay!” I climbed back on Spots. He said “Hold on tight!” As I thought “Why?” I noticed we started flying and his tail was glistening. We flew very far. We arrived at the edge of a cliff and underneath us saw a big clearing with many horses just like Spots. I realized this place must be his home.

“I needed a human to fly. Thank you!” Spots explained.

I hugged him goodbye. “But how will I get home?” I asked.

Spots said “look over there,” and pointed his hoof at the ocean, then he trotted away. I ran to the ocean, looked in, and saw the rainbow starfish. I saw Spots give me a nod and smile. I picked up the starfish, thought about home, and found myself in my bed. I heard Honey barking. I walked downstairs and saw my starfish atop our holiday tree. Was it magic?

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