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The Adventure of Frosty and Stacy

by Laasya U

grades K-2

Stacy and her family were moving from California to Colorado. Stacy had butterflies in her

stomach, she would miss her friends but she was excited about the new place, new friends

and snow!. That night, Stacy wished it would snow all day long. Stacy's wish had come true!

Their RV’s tire broke on the way. Luckily, there was an inn nearby. They stayed there for the

night. As Stacy wished, that night it snowed heavily! She could now go sledding, make snow

angels, and best of all, she could make snowmen! She got her sled and went down the

biggest hill.Then, she got out the extra mittens, scarf and hat. She started to make three balls of snow each one smaller than the other. She added two eyes made out of coal, Carrot nose, check ✔sticks for arms, check ✔.

Stacy stepped back to look at her snowman. Oh, how jolly he looked!

Suddenly, no, it couldn't be! Her snowman had blinked and come to life! The snowman said,

“Hi! I’m Frosty! What’s your name?”. Stacy said, “Um, I’m Stacy”. Frosty said, “What do

you want to do? By the way, I can bring snowmen to life. I have magic! Stacy said, “That’s

exactly what I want to do!” Make “snowmen!” Stacy made 9 balls of snow, she got 18 pieces

of coal for eyes, she got 9 carrots for noses and she got 18 sticks for arms, she and Frosty

were done!

Frosty uttered magic words. “Abracadabra poo sa roo, La la la la coo coo coo!e la la la la la

la nemu na na na na na!la la la la akkasha!” All the snowmen (and women) came to life! But

what was this? They quarreled, and were mean! Stacy said, “Frosty, can you turn them back

into normal snowmen and women?” Frosty said, “Sure can! Abracadabra la la la la la la pa pa”. Suddenly the live snowmen and women turned back into normal snowmen. They heard

snarling. They turned around to see...Cats! or should I say, Cat spider dog sparrow pigeon

combo? The CSDPS(Cat spider dog sparrow pigeon) attacked! Stacy used what she had.

Snow! She quickly made nine snowballs and threw them at the CSDPS so it blinded them for

a little while. Stacy yelled, “Frosty, run!”Frosty lost no time in doing so. They ran until it

would take some time for the CSDPS to reach them. Stacy said, “Frosty, Can you make

normal snowmen?” Frosty said, “Ya know it! Abracadabra la la coo koo"; Instantly 10 snowmen appeared, each one taller than the other. Stacy and Frosty climbed up a tree, then

jumped! They jumped onto the snowman and kept doing it until they reached the top of a

hill. Frosty said, “Look! Over there! See that gem? That is the rubylicious gem! It has the

power to let us fly and stop the CSDPS!” Stacy ran and got the gem. Suddenly, she started to float, high in the air! She threw the gem at Frosty. Frosty started to float, too! But they heard snarling under them. It was the CSDPS! It’s mouth was open and Stacy saw her chance. She threw the rubylicious gem in the CSDPS’s mouth. The CSDPS disappeared into thin air! It was time for Frosty to say goodbye.

Frosty said, “I only came to stop the CSDPS. Abracadabra la la coo koo” Frosty turned back

into a normal snowman.

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