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The North Pole Adventure

by Alina A

grades 3-5

Once upon a time, there lived a girl. Her name was Sierra. She was taking out the trash. While she was taking out the trash she found a trapdoor. She opened the trapdoor and saw some stairs. She climbed down a few stairs but after there were no more stairs. She tried reaching but Sierra lost her grip. She fell onto a slide. “Ahhhhh” she screamed. She slid for a while before she stopped sliding. When she got out of the slide she was shocked, The North Pole, everything she ever dreamed of. At the place where she lived there was no snow. She met Santa Claus and his wife. They showed Sierra the reindeer. She also met elves. Their names were Ed, Ted, Red, Ped, Led, Med, Bed, and Yed. Santa Claus let her wrap a few presents and decorated the Christmas Tree but she started missing her family. The slide had disappeared so she was stuck. One day while she was taking a walk she found a scroll on the ground. The scroll said how to escape the North Pole. It was a potion. She followed the potion and poured it on the ground and a hole opened. She slid down the hole and safely reached home. She lived happily ever after.

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