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Do I get volunteer hours for my work?

We are happy to provide documentation upon request regarding the total number of hours an activity leader has volunteered in our program. To track volunteer hours, an activity leader is responsible for completing this form immediately after every session s/he teaches. 

How do we select instructors?

We're an equal opportunity program. All high school applicants will be considered for a volunteer opportunity without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status. We have a thorough application process in which leaders provide us with a response on why they are interested in The Passion Project, why they are qualified, and a short bio about themselves. They also provide us information on what class they are looking to lead. 

How do we ensure the privacy and safety of activity leaders?

We remove identifying information such as the full last name and high school name from the leader’s bio for privacy reasons. We only display the first letter of each instructor’s last name on our website. We have Codes of Conduct for both students and activity leaders in which both students and activity leaders are required and expected to maintain appropriate behavior at all times. If you feel either a student’s or activity leader's behavior is inappropriate, please let the Passion Project Team know immediately by contacting us at

Do the activity leaders have to follow a code of conduct?

The activity leaders attest they will uphold a code of conduct at all times while participating in the Passion Project program. An activity leader’s failure to comply with this may result in suspension or expulsion from our programs. The Passion Project program founders will also randomly audit sessions to ensure the Code of Conduct is being followed.

Do you have any open volunteer positions as Activity Leaders?

We have a limited number of volunteer activity leader positions.  At this time, all activity leader positions are filled. We will reach out to you directly once a spot opens up.

Can leaders co-teach?

Yes, please contact us for further details on this process.

How would co-teaching work? 

Both leaders would be on Zoom and teach from their respective locations. They would both be co-hosts of the meeting.

Would each session be the same, or would they build on each other?

This is at the discretion of the activity leader. An activity leader may want to consider the amount of returning students and new students. If a leader needs help with lesson plans, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to help.

How should I set up my Zoom meeting ID for the activity?

You must carefully follow these guidelines regarding setting up your Zoom meeting:

○ Under settings, advanced options, make sure that “mute participants upon entry" is clicked

○ Under settings, advanced options, keep the “enable waiting room” setting clicked

○ Under settings, do not click “enable join before host.”

How do I prepare for my Zoom class session?

○ We expect activity leaders to launch the meeting 5-10 minutes in advance, so that you are able to start on time.

○ When starting the meeting, make sure you click “join computer audio” and your video is on.

○ When starting the meeting, please mute all participants.  Click on “Meeting” at the top left → Mute All (or Unmute All when you would like to engage with the class).

○ For additional information on Zoom, please visit our Zoom FAQs.

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