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In order to ensure the safety of everyone involved, by registering for an online class, our students agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in suspension or expulsion from The Passion Project.

As a Passion Project student,

  1. I promise to be respectful of myself and others

  2. I promise to use appropriate language during my online class sessions 

  3. I promise that the name I display when attending my Zoom classes is my actual first name

  4. I promise to present myself in a professional and appropriate manner 

  5. I promise to uphold myself to the highest level of integrity 

  6. I promise to respect the time of my instructors and fellow students and try my best to be on time for all my online meetings/classes 

  7. I promise to let the class instructor know if a logistical problem or other issue arises

  8. I promise to try my best at all times

Student Code of Conduct copy: Text
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