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Can I use a school email to receive the Zoom information?

No, you will not receive the information if you do so, as our emails bounce back because we are outside of the school organization. Please only use non-school email addresses.

Can I enroll in multiple classes?

​Yes, you may enroll in as many classes as you would like as long as you fall within the activity grade range.

What should I do if I signed up for a class, but can no longer attend?

Please contact The Passion Project at and provide us with your student’s first name and last initial. Please also indicate which class you signed up for. We will remove you from the class roster. 

Are these activities/classes a weekly recurrence?

Yes, most classes will be held on a recurring weekly basis, but for now, students will need to register each week to enroll in the activity/class. 

How will this be publicized to students?

We have contacted local K-8 schools around the Bay Area to see if their students would be interested in our online activities/classes.

Who is teaching these classes?

Your activity leaders will be 9-12 high school students who are selected after an application process. We have online interviews where we go through our expectations and guidelines for our activity leaders.

What instruction platform do we use?

Our instruction platform is Zoom. Each activity has a unique meeting ID and passcode. Student participants do not need a Zoom account to attend our online activities.

How do we manage privacy?

Information for both students and activity leaders are kept private with a two-factor authentication process in a cloud storage drive. In addition, all of our Zoom meetings require both a meeting ID and password in order to access the class. Only the participants, activity leaders and the Passion Project Directors have the  Zoom details. We also do not keep records of the participant’s full last names. If a participant's full last name is provided on the registration form, the full last name is deleted and replaced with the last initial instead. Please note that full last names of parents are stored in our records.

How do we manage student participant sign up?

Our activity sign-up is managed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration will close once a class capacity has been reached. If a session is closed, please look for next week’s class schedule to sign up for that same class.

How do we ensure the privacy and safety of participants?

We have a code of conduct and privacy policy for both the instructors and the students. Additionally, a unique Zoom meeting ID and password are required for each activity. Parental consent also is required for all students (and activity leader) to participate. 

Are the Zoom meetings/sessions recorded?

No, none of our Zoom meetings are recorded.

Can you help me with Zoom?  My student participant is having trouble getting on.

Please see our Zoom FAQs section.

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