4:00pm PST | Fridays

Cryptography: Solving Ciphers and Puzzles!

Grades 3-5
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Cryptography: Solving Ciphers and Puzzles!

Time & Location

4:00pm PST

About the Event

Course Dates: Every week on Fridays from 4:00am-4:40pm PST during the month of August, starting the first week of August (August 7th is first class).

Course Description: Join this fun, four-session Cryptography to learn all about ciphers and puzzles! We will learn about the intricacies of Caesar Ciphers, Substitution Ciphers, Vigenere Ciphers, and many more. This course will also delve into the details of different ways ciphers have been used historically, and how we can crack them with critical thinking. Along with understanding how these ciphers work, we will be learning how to decrypt messages, and even encrypt your own messages! To wrap up our course, we will understand the basics of modern cryptography, and where we are headed in our future!

Activity Leader bio: Alyssa is a high school sophomore who loves learning about the real world applications of cryptography, and understanding the math behind some of the hardest ciphers! She is very passionate about Taekwondo and loves teaching younger students new skills. Alyssa also enjoys biking, running, and baking in her free time.

Materials Needed: pencil and paper

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