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Marcella, The Snowman

by Sejal B

grades K-2

On a snowy night Christmas eve, I was looking upon the window.

I heartily wanted it to snow in California!  I pleaded and pleaded to my parents to

go to Lake Tahoe but my parents said the old bad NO! After sometime, my parents

calmed down a little bit and told me, It's pandemic time. Its not safe to visit Lake

Tahoe. Then suddenly, some thunder happened. I peeked out the window, I was

frightened. The rain turned into snowflakes and began to snow. I started making a

big fat smile like ?? The snow fell everywhere. There were some clouds but there

was a tiny bit of sunlight! I kept staring at clouds and wondered How are they

moving? Now there is no way I need to go to Lake Tahoe! I saw this jolly snowman,

I didn't know who made it. I looked around nonone was there! Maybe Santa built it.

I asked my mom if I could go outside. She instructed, wear a coat first and some

Lake Tahoe clothes. Okay I groaned. My mother screamed  DON’T WANT TO GET

SICK!!! And I dashed to my room to get my Lake Tahoe clothes. When I went

outside I was freezing. I  gradually went to the snowman as quickly as I could.

When I touched him, I saw this weird light bulb appear or anything shiny. Maybe

my imagination. The Snow man moved, I shuddered. He suddenly said “Hi My name

is Marcella“ He asked my name I said “Amanda”. Okay Amanda. Don't you wanna

sledding with me. I was very confused, can a snowman go sledding? He could blow

off. Snow man snapped me out of my day dreaming. He said “Do you wanna go or

not. I said off course yeah. We had fun sledding so many times. To make the hill

higher, Marcella gave some of its snow to hill. After sometime, it was kind getting

freezing cold. My mom asked the snowman and me to come inside, Both of us said

yes at the same time. Marcella sat right next to the fire, and drank a hot cup of

cocoa while I drank hot chocolate. Something was happening, the couch started to

get watery. The Snowman was melting. Suddenly I remembered Mrs. Welli our

teacher was saying If you let a snowman close to fire, it will melt. I screeched to

Marcelle, “Go outside, you are almost melting”. Snowman went to the front door.

Her body was forming again. Phew, that was a close one. We played every single day

but spring season was starting while the snowman started to melt. I knew what I

had to do. I put her in the freezer. Once the winter season starts, I will bring

Marcella out of the freezer to play. Next day, when I looked into the freezer,

Marcella wasn’t there. Maybe it was my figment of imagination.

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